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The purpose of this website is to provide visitors with tools and information relative to the game of blackjack. It's theme is to maintain a basic simplicity. It is assumed visitors have some familiarity with the rules of the game and how it is generally played.

Keeping things simple does not mean ignoring potential problems and also does not mean overly complicating matters. Instead it does mean being grounded in basic concepts in the simplest and most reliable way.

Exact Calculation

Much of the information in this site was attained using computorial methods. This is the most definitive and unequivocal method. The approach taken is to attain answers through mathematical calculation as much as is reasonably possible before resorting to simulation. Sometimes calculated data gives us much more accuracy and more data than we need, but it's completeness is what makes it reliable. Data that is too accurate can always be rounded to a more practical form but not vice versa.

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Info - Various articles based on mathematical calculations and general knowledge. This is not restricted to any particular category and may be in regard to any topic relating to blackjack or probability in general. In the interest of simplicity the goal is keep articles short and to the point. Sometimes, however, after a simple point is made it is desirable to list data for application to multiple cases. (There will always be more to add in the Info section.)

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It is hoped that your visit here will assist you in crafting your own personal approach to blackjack whether you take it seriously, semi-seriously, recreationally, or even if your choice is to not play the game at all it is hoped that your visit will have some value to you.


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